Reflection 3: Introduction & Structure of a Sperm Cell (ME)


I am a sperm cell in Drosophila melanogaster and I am found in the testes. Seminal proteins play a major role in my own fate. However some of us never get to fertilize the egg and die. I on the other hand am determined to compete with the other sperms out there to fertilize the male egg and create a new fruit fly. I am a very crucial cell because I contain heredity material from the male and I am involved in the creation of the next generation thus preventing the extinction of our own species.

Structure of the Sperm Cell & Reproductive Detail

My sperm cell is made up of a head which consists of genetic information, a middle consisting of large numbers of Mitochondria for the production of ATP for movement, and a tail which is 2 mm long and rotates like a propeller allowing us to swim. One reason for out very long tails is the sperm competition observed.

The male Drosophila internal reproductive tract comprised of a pair of testes both attached to the seminal vesicle, paired accessory glands all connected to an ejaculatory duct and bulb and intromission organ the adeagus. When spermatogenesis occurs in the testes the mature sperm like me, is deposited in the seminal vesicle. We are combined with seminal proteins in the ejaculatory duct, before passing through the vas deferens and then out the intromission organ to the female. After our transfer we enter storage in the female for approximately two weeks, the seminal fluid proteins that I spoke about helps during mating, mediate storage and helps in the displacement and release of us the sperm. My overall purpose is to carry on genetic information via fertilization in hopes of creating a new organism.

Male Reproductive Organ


This video shows a great amount of detail with respect to the structure of the Drosophila sperm cell! Check it out!!


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