Hello Peeps! Ok so I am finally doing part 3 of my reviews on Biol 1362, and this one is for the lectures. Enjoy!

The first topic was the Cell; it was very simple, straightforward and basically was a repetition on what was taught in sixth form. The lectures were easy to follow because from the start of the semester podcasts were placed on YouTube to allow students to review material before the class. I thought this was very useful because in oppose to just giving us the slides we actually had to listen to the podcasts and make our own notes. It did get frustrating at times but worked out to be very beneficial in the long run. What I really appreciated with the podcasts was that I could have heard Mr. Matthew explaining the topic in oppose to just reading a slide and trying to figure out what was going on. We were also provided with additional questions and recommend reading texts which I found to be useful as well.

Another thing that Mr. Matthew did was that he put up Biochem Bloopers which were based on previous students’ answers to exam questions to help current students not to make those same mistakes. This was like the most ingenious idea ever because generally students tend to think alike and whilst I was looking through the videos I realized that I might have made that same mistake had I not watched those videos. So hats off to you Mr. Matthew for such an amazing idea!

Also, within the lectures there was a quiz every week or every other week where we were allowed to team up in groups of 4/5 and answer multiple choice or short answer questions for marks that went towards our final coursework mark. I really enjoyed this activity and our team looked forward to getting total or at least we would hope so Lol on each quiz.

The bring in notes exam was our only in course exam which I was so happy for. You were basically allowed to write as much notes on half a folder page both back and front as possible. Unfortunately I did not get to finish a question but I thought that I gave it my best shot. I was very confident in my structured questions answers and some of the MCQs and True/False was a bit tricky but I thought I did well. After seeing Mr. Matthew posting that the marks weren’t good I got sad because immediately I thought that maybe I didn’t do as well as I thought, but to me I gave it my best shot and I’m sure  had  I gotten to finish I would have done better. Regardless of my mark I would humble and learn from my mistakes in hopes of doing better in the final exam.

Overall, I would say that this man went out of his way to make sure that each student passed this course and I personally am grateful.


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