Why hello dear friends! Today’s post will be focused on the Biol 1362 Tutorials for the semester. Have a look at my experience!

Mr. Matthew was responsible for all of the tutorials. On coming into the tutorials we were to have revised the notes from the previous lectures and, he would then split us up into two teams according to seating and ask different question from each team. You were allowed to help your team mate in most cases and if they got something wrong they might have a chance at redemption if not the team loses a point and the question is thrown to the other side. At the end of the tutorial the number of points per team out of 2 was each individual’s mark for that tutorial.  

For the most part I enjoyed my tutorials when I was prepared; however, the two times I wasn’t prepared I was called upon to answer a question on the board. This was very embarrassing and my least favourite tutorials of the semester. The first time I was called upon I missed my Monday tutorial and came to the Thursday one with my friend. Unfortunately I had no books or notes and when I was called upon to draw the first fate of pyruvate I was like HUH? I had no clue! Not even the slightest clue!

ConfusedEmoticonAfter being embarrassed a girl thankfully came up and help me..Sigh, but I can tell you since that day I never forgot that first fate of pyruvate. Sadly the things that humiliated you the most in life are the ones you remember the best. The second embarrassing tutorial was another one that I did prepare for but I forgot something so simple as the structure of the mitochondria.


I know you’re probably laughing at me now but yea it happens.  I just wanted to bury my head in a hole and never look back up. Regardless I looked up shamefully at the class hoping that someone would help me, and someone did. Thanks to those people!  What I learnt from these experiences was that you have to be prepared at all times because you never know when you may be called upon. The good thing was that we were allowed to write down the tutorial questions which come in handy in studying.

Overall, I thought Mr. Matthew’s method to be very effective because as I said the two questions I got wrong I can answer in a second. He also tried to ensure that everyone were continuously revising and understood everything in oppose to other tutorial structures where you have to answer questions and get marked on them. To me Mr. Matthew’s method was better! To me learning is not a matter of how well you do the first time at something but it is how well you do in the end, how much you have learnt at the end, and from these tutorials I have definitely organized a study schedule to ensure that I pass this course with a really high mark . Thanks Mr. Matthew for the wakeup call! 



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