Hey everyone and welcome back to my Biochem blog. Today’s reflection is a different one as I will be reflection on my Biol 1362 Lab experience. There were 3 lab sessions which to me was good because last semester the Biology courses had 5/6 lab sessions, so I was a bit relieved to know that there were only 3 labs. Before the lab sessions begun there was a lab orientation with Mrs. Fazeeda Hosein where she discussed the running of the lab, what was expected, lab write ups and was basically a time for us to interact with her and ask any questions we had about the labs. 

In the first lab session we were given the information on the lab in advance and were required to create a flowchart on the procedure. In class we were able to choose our own lab benches and once that was done the demonstrator separated us into different groups as we there were several tests to be carried out. At the end of this lab, one lab script was handed up along with one answer to the pre-lab questions. The group I worked in did the protein precipitation tests which were long but not too difficult.

The second lab session was the same as the first as you were provided with the lab script in advance and was expected to bring in a flow chart on the day of the lab. At the beginning of the session there was a lab quiz which was fairly straightforward and this was based on the first lab. This lab was the first write up lab and was a basic titrations lab. Mr. Matthew kindly posted up key points for the lab, to help us in writing up which I found to be very helpful so thank you Mr. Matthew. The introduction and discussion was to be handed up on turnitin in myelearning to be checked for plagiarism and a hard copy in the Biochemistry office.

The third lab session was on enzyme activity, again this was a group lab and our group tested the effect on substrate concentration on the rate of enzyme activity using Xanthine Dehydrogenase. This was another lab write up and thankfully we got an extension on the deadline. Mr. Matthew also posted up key points on his blog which were again very helpful. The funny thing is that the day to hand in the lab was the worst. My black ink finished and I had to get more. Then the cartridge wasn’t aligning so it was printing so I had to print it in blue and photocopy it in black and the people in the photocopying place were slow and annoying. Then when I reached UWI I realized some of the materials didn’t print out so I had to write it in.  On top of all of that I forgot to draw in my tangent line, regardless I handed it up on time to then find on when I reached home there was a deadline extension. I was so sad *tears BIG SIGH!!!!! Ohhh well….Lol


Overall, I found the labs to be well structured and explained. My overall lab experience for this course was good.


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