Hey Biochemians! I have attached Mr. Matthew’s video on Lipids 2 because it’s really short and very comprehensive. It focuses on two main sub-topics:

1.      Structure of membrane lipids

2.      Cholesterol affects fluidity of membranes

I think this video is self explanatory and I didn’t see the need to post on something this easy. So check out the video there are a lot of pictures, and useful information. Happy Learning!

My boyfriend was so kind to write a short poem on heart disease for me to put in my blog so here it is. It summarizes the main points of heart disease. Thanks Adree!

When plaque builds up in the arteries, oxygenated blood flow ceases,

This process is known as atherosclerosis,

Then the plaque buildup ruptures, and a blood clot then forms,

Should the clot be large, the artery gets clogged,

The nearby heart tissue gets damaged, and there’s no coming back,

Upon such occurrence this is called a heart attack!


YouTube: BiochemJM

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