I would personally just like to thank Mr. Matthew for all the energy, time and effort he put into this Biol 1362 course because he made the experience so much more enjoyable for me. I was able to not only learn Biochemistry but also other life skills such as creating a blog, writing paper reviews etc.  The blog allowed me to be creative, create puzzles etc, and also helped me in managing time wisely and not procrastinating. I hope to excel at this course and successfully complete a degree in Biochemistry. Once again thank you Mr. Matthew your efforts have not gone to waste. 

Thank you for what you taught me

and for helping me to grow.

You have expanded so much my learning

and taught me what I know.

You are someone I will never forget

Nor the lessons I have learned

For they will never be wiped clean

They’re in my memory burned.

thank you teacher at paperchase


Featured Image: http://go45.sd45.bc.ca/blogs/schoolblogs/ipblog/Lists/Posts/Post.aspx?ID=12



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