Hey guys, as we all know we are required to review two YouTube videos on different topics from the syllabus for this blog assignment. Today I will be reviewing a video posted by khanacademy on Glycolysis. To many students this is one of the most difficult topics, and I felt that it is essential to have very good videos and resources to help in studies, blogging and understanding the topic better. Below is the video that I am reflecting on. I hope this review is effective and helpful in some way. Thanks again for viewing my blog & posts. Enjoy!

This 13 minute and 30 seconds video by khanacademy focused on glycolysis and more specifically the net of ATP as well as NADH and Pyruvate. The video vaguely mentioned the linkage of glycolysis to other processes such as fermentation, Krebs cycle, electron transport chain and the fates of pyruvate. From my knowledge of the topic I can say with ease that this video failed to mention crucial key points and concepts that our BIOL 1362 course requires. 

            Let me begin my discussing the strengths, well developed concepts and ideas that the video brought out. I must praise the lecturer for not having prewritten notes, but instead he wrote his own points as he went along which I particularly found to a successful decision on his part. Also his use of different colours was visually appealing and a good way of keeping the viewers interested in the topic. The audio was very clear and hearing or understanding what was being said was not a problem. At the beginning of the video, the lecturer spoke about cellular respiration as a whole and made mention to other processes which was useful in helping me the viewer, understand glycolysis on a larger scale. I was able to appreciate the processes that occurred with and without oxygen and gained a little background knowledge of the topic. Now me having already done this topic in class I would have already known these things, but to make my review less biased I would like to review the video as if I never studied the topic before. The video was very useful in explaining the gain and using up of ATP, and mentioned key terminology such as reduction which was the gain in hydrogen. I particularly found the drawing out of structures helpful in understanding exactly where for instance a phosphate was transferred. Finally, there was a lot of repetition which was great because if something wasn’t understood the first time you got a chance to hear it again another time. 

            However, this was not enough for me to say that this video was useful in understanding glycolysis to the depth that we require in this course. In the video there was a pasted Wikipedia image of all 10 stages of glycolysis but this did not prove useful as the images and wording were too small.  The lecturer failed to go through each stage explaining what exactly was going on, the enzymes present and what was formed. There was no mention to the enzymes, neither any additional images to assist the viewers in visualizing the process. There were also no final comments or summary at the end of the video, instead an abrupt stop which left me the viewer very lost and confused. I personally would not recommend this video to any students of this course because key points and ideas were either vaguely mentioned or not mentioned at all.

There was nothing amazing that stood out to me, and I felt that if the video was not explaining the stages of glycolysis then there should have at least been additional links for students to visit for more information. There was a link to his page with a forum in which students could ask questions, but to me being a student that is now learning Glycolysis this was very confusing. Another way in which the lecturer can improve his video is to insert more images or animations, and most importantly discuss the different stages and enzymes responsible, or rename the video to ‘Brief Introduction to Glycolysis’ in this way the viewer would not be expecting much explanation and discussion.

In conclusion, I must commend the lecturer for excelling at certain things in this video, but overall it was not very useful for this course as I required more in-depth information.



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YouTube: khanacademy

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