Hey everyone, welcome back to my Biochem blog, today we will be ending off the enzymes topic by constructing a summary table on the characteristics of the different types of inhibition. I advise you to review your inhibition notes and create your own table before looking at mine, and you can use my table to check yours with. This would be a good way to assist you in studying. Good Luck Guys!

First of all, let’s ask ourselves some questions:

1.      What is an inhibitor?

An inhibitor can be defined as any substance than can reduce the velocity of an enzyme catalyzed reaction.


2.      What is the difference between irreversible and reversible inhibition?

Irreversible inhibitors use covalent bonds to bind to the enzyme thus permanent binding occurs; however, reversible inhibitors bind to the enzyme through non-covalent bonds so in this way the enzyme can be recovered by dilution.


3.      What is the definition of Km & Vmax?

Km can be defined as the numerically equivalent to the substrate concentration at which the reaction velocity is equal to ½ Vmax.

Vmax can be defined as the maximal initial velocity of the enzyme catalyzed reaction under the given conditions.


Competitive inhibition

Uncompetitive inhibition

Mixed Inhibition

Noncompetitive Inhibition



Decrease by the same amount as Km





Decrease by the same amount as Vmax

Increase or Decrease


Binding Site

Enzyme’s Active Site

Enzyme-substrate complex only, at a separate site from the substrate

Separate site from substrate active site, to either the free enzyme or enzyme-substrate complex

Bind to either free enzyme or enzyme substrate complex, and at different sites on the enzyme


No products formed

No products formed

ES Complex has residual enzymatic activity thus some products forms

No products formed


Increasing substrate reverses inhibition & structure is similar to substrate



Inhibition is not reversed with substrate

 Ok guys that ends my blog post on enzymes & inhibition, I hope you found it useful in some way. Thanks for viewing!


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