Below you will find my single answer multiple choice question. Please review your protein and amino acids notes before attempting. To participate, simply leave your answer as a comment below and I will respond as soon as possible. Don’t forget to like, share and comment! Thank you for participating.


There are several amino acids that less readily form α-helix conformations, one of which is glycine. By finishing the sentence below identify which one of the following A, B, C, D, or E is a reason that supports the above statement.

In the structure of glycine:

A.    there is optimal use of hydrogen bonding.

B.     large bulky side chains next to each other resulting in steric assistance.

C.     two aliphatic amino acid residues are similarly spaced resulting in a hydrophobic interaction.

D.    long stretches of negative or positive charges will repel each other

E.     there is a lack of hydrogen atoms on the nitrogen atom thus preventing the formation of the correct patterns of hydrogen bond.

2 responses to “MCQ 1: PROTEINS

  1. Correct Andrea 🙂 The answer is indeed D. Lets look at the other options and see why it is not any of the others.
    A- gives reasoning for the formation of an alpha-helix but we are saying glycine less frequently forms this helix. WRONG
    B.It is a correct explanation to an extent as it should be steric interference not steric assistance. WRONG
    C.Also another answer correct to a certain extent however it should have been aromatic amino acid residues not aliphatic. WRONG
    D.Interactions between amino acid side chains can stabilize or destabilize the structure. Long stretches of negative or positive charges will repel each other so that formation of the helix is prevented. CORRECT
    E. Reasoning for Proline not Glycine. WRONG

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