Welcome fellow biochemians!! Today’s reflection will be on the causes of sickle cell anemia more specifically at changes in the protein sequence level.

Sickle cell anemia is caused by a point mutation in the β-globin chain of haemoglobin causing the amino acid GLUTAMIC ACID to be replaced with the hydrophobic amino acid VALINE  at the sixth position. This small change in the primary structure leads to a significant impact on the protein structure and in turn affecting the shape of  haemoglobin and compromising its functions. See image below.


I have found a really cool video that explains the causes of sickle cell anemia in great detail so I have decided to paste the link here in my blog so you guys can watch, enjoy and hopefully learn something from the animation. Instead of writing about it I thought this would be a more fun way to get everything explained!!


Youtube: BiochemJM, academiadeciencia


Featured Image-

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