Hey fellow bloggers!! Welcome back to my blog!!!

Recently we were told that there will be a blog competition and I am over excited. I have created a cryptogram for you guys to try out!! First person to guess the phrase gets $20ttd. I have helped you guys out a bit by filling in the first 10 letters of the Alphabet and my last hint is that the phrase came straight from Mr. Matthew’s first protein & amino acid podcast right after the Tests for Amino Acids & Proteins. I hope some of you will participate!! Enjoy!! 

P.S. If you can’t see the Cryptogram properly just click it and it will open up larger & also the link for the podcast is below for those who are unclear of which one I’m speaking about!



  1. The peptide bond is a chemical, covalent bond formed between the alpha-amino group of one amino acid and the alpha carboxyl group of another…… 😀 I win lol not to be showing off but someone had to win 😀

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