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Today we are continuing on the topic Carbohydrates and we will be discussing a day to day example of Carbohydrates which is LACTOSE INTOLERANCE!!

Lactose is a type of disaccharide which is found in milk and other dairy products and develops when the small intestine does not make enough of an enzyme called lactase which is needed by the body to digest lactose.

Lactose intolerance generally develops in individuals with age and is most common from the teenage years to age 40.

According to research, symptoms often occur 30 minutes to 2 hours after having milk products. Large doses of milk products may cause worse symptoms. Some symptoms include: Abdominal bloating, Abdominal cramps, Diarrhea, Gas (flatulence) and Nausea.

Dietary regulation and management is the most effective treatment for lactose intolerance; however, as this may be difficult for some individuals. Another option is adding the enzyme lactase to regular milk or intake in a tablet form; as well as consuming products that are easier to digest such as goat’s milk, buttermilk and some cheeses etc may be a more realistic option.

Lactose Intolerance by Ethnic Groups:

African Blacks                   95%

American Indians             90%

Asian Americans               90%

North American Blacks  75%

Mexican Americans          75%

Mediterraneans                   60%

North American Whites    15%

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