Hello & Welcome to Biochem Insider :)

My name is Ria Ramcharitar and I am currently pursuing my BSc. in Biochemistry & Biology at the University of the West Indies, Trinidad in hopes of mastering in Forensic Science & Neuropsychology.


Ria Ramcharitar is an extremely well rounded individual.

Born in the beautiful twin island of Trinidad & Tobago she soon migrated to several Caribbean islands and finally settled for many years in the Turks & Caicos Islands.

She studied at the British West Indies Collegiate where she wrote 10 IGCSE subjects. She then went on to further her education at the Bishop Anstey & Trinity College East Sixth Form where she focused on Biology, Chemistry & Geography. She is currently pursuing a BSc at the University of the West Indies, Trinidad in Biochemistry & Biology, in hopes of mastering in Forensic Science & Neuropsychology.

She enjoys travelling, sightseeing, fashion, ballet dancing, art, baking and photography.



Features: imaginative, innovative, team player, open minded, caring and more

Her mother is her motivation and she is eternally grateful for her.

“What you put into life is in proportion to what you will get out”-Mom

As part of my BIOL 1362- Biochemistry course, I was given the task of creating a blog which aims to promote Biochemistry in a fun and interactive way as well as discuss the happenings of the course’s tutorials, labs and lectures. The first week of BIOL 1362 was solely orientation based as there were no scheduled tutorials and labs; however, we did begin looking at the Cell later on that week. The lecturer Mr. Jason Matthew made it clear that he was not the traditional lecturer who would lecture for 50 minutes and leave instead, he encouraged interactive learning whereby individuals were expected to carry out educational discussions on a topic, be a part of group exercises as well as answer questions when randomly called upon in a lecture or tutorial. Just the idea of being called upon randomly made me very nervous and fearful, but as time progressed I became more adjusted and began enjoying Biochemistry classes. I prefer Mr. Matthew’s method because he ensures that everyone understands before leaving the Lecture Theater and more importantly he makes learning enjoyable thus it becomes easier.

Ok I’m not here to write a book so I should end this post now but before you leave don’t forget to check out my About Me page, Follow my blog for daily updates and feel free to like, comment and reblog 🙂 Enjoy!!

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